Food Blogger Amy McCoy of SFRI at URI – Wednesday, April 14, 6:30 pm

On Wednesday, April 14, 2010, McCoy will speak about her experience writing a cookbook based upon her blog. The talk is free and will be held at the URI Kingston Campus, Coastal Center, Weaver Auditorium, at 6:30pm.

As a successful freelance producer for network and cable television, McCoy once enjoyed gourmet food with little concern for price. Then the recession hit and the freelance work all but disappeared. As a result, McCoy embarked on a mission: to eat the best food she and her husband could while spending as little as possible. Fortunately, both McCoy and her husband, JR Richardson, have been having fun meeting the challenge, with McCoy sharing humorous moments (such as the time Richardson attempted to hypnotize one of their slightly-past-prime-for-egg-production hens in preparation for humane slaughter, but instead ended up scaring the whole coop into increased egg production, or McCoy’s obsessive squash bug management techniques) in addition to recipes on her blog.

The Poor Girl Gourmet cookbook aims to dispel the myth that inexpensive food is of inferior quality, unhealthy, or difficult to prepare. Each meal for four costs $15 or less, with many of the recipes coming in at under $10. McCoy relies on techniques learned from her mother, grandmothers, and years of home cooking to create memorable meals from less expensive ingredients, and always with an eye toward quality and flavor. McCoy included a “splurges” chapter that features recipes for $15 to $30 for four, as well as a wine recommendations chapter. In addition to recipe development and writing essays on gardening and preserving, McCoy shot the photography for the book.

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